What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013



It is never to early to obtain or renew your passport. Please note that your passport MUST be valid for 6 months AFTER THE END of your program. Fall 2013 students: Your passport should be valid through June 20th, 2014.

In most cases, unless you have a passport from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, you need a visa in order to study in China. Everyone must complete the visa survey (which you will receive via email), even if you don’t believe you need a visa. You will need a valid passport to complete the visa survey, so …GET YOUR PASSPORT!

The Outbound Immigration and Mobility Services section of NYU’s Office of Global Services (OGS) will be your main contact in navigating the  immigration and visa process.  OGS will contact you regarding the visa survey and provide information on how to access GlobalChek Plus (GCP), a self-service immigration tool created to help users find specific and up-to-date visa and entry information for future study away travel. Answer five simple questions and GCP instantly advises whether a visa is needed, outlines the required documentation, and the entire immigration process.

So what is a Student Visa?

It is an official stamp issued by the Chinese government that gets affixed to a page inside your passport before you depart for Shanghai. You must present it to immigration control upon arrival. It is not legal to study as a full-time student in China without it.

The Chinese Consulate  is not affiliated with New York University. The Consulate is an entity of the Chinese national government that issues visas for students and performs other functions. Please keep in mind that Consulates may independently create and/or change their requirements for obtaining a Student Visa at any time without notification.

What do you need to do?

1. Obtain a valid passport –  signed, have one blank page, and expire six months after the end of the program.

2. Confirm the type of visa and required materials needed.  All admitted students will have access to GlobalCheckPlus, an online tool that will help determine next steps based on specific inputs (citizenship, type and length of program, etc.)

3. Gather all necessary materials. Admissions materials will be provided by the Office of Global Services.  Other items will be listed in output from GlobalCheckPlus.

4.  Apply for visa in person at your local consulate.

5. Go abroad!

How do you maintain your status if you are an international student studying in the US?

If you are an international student in the United States, you may have questions about how to maintain your immigration status in the US while you study away at NYU London next semester. The Office of Global Services is here to help! Please visit the Study and Research Abroad page of the OGS website for more information about what you need to do before you leave/return to the US.


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