What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Visiting Student Financial Aid Transfer (Consortium Forms) : In many cases, non-NYU students who receive financial aid from their home school are able to apply some or all of their financial aid toward studying abroad through NYU. To initiate the transfer process, visit the financial aid office at your home institution ASAP and ask to have a consortium agreement established with NYU. This allows your school to process federal aid and transfer it to NYU for a semester or year abroad.  The Office of Financial Aid of your home institution should send as a scanned email attachment to Kate Bruce.

Kate will forward to the appropriate section of the NYU Financial Aid Office for processing.  Please Note, late submissions will be accepted but may mean the initial bill will not reflect the anticipated aid due to processing time.  After it has been processed by the NYU Office of Financial Aid, the form will be returned directly to your home school for completion.

NYU Students’ Appeal for Extra Financial Aid : If you are an NYU upperclassman currently receiving financial aid (must have valid FAFSA on file) you may apply for additional financial aid for your semester or year abroad at an NYU Global Academic Center. Simply complete the online Financial Aid for Study Abroad application form (coming soon).   Once you have submitted the additional financial aid form, the NYU Office of Financial Aid will review it and notify you of your new award package in June. You will view your financial aid package, including any adjustments for upcoming semesters, using Netpartner, the Office of Financial Aid’s online system.

Global Programs Scholarships: NYU Global Programs has made several need-based and merit-based study away scholarships and grants available for students who spend a semester or year away at an NYU Global Academic Center.


  • Students must have applied or been admitted to an NYU Global Academic Center for fall, spring, or the full academic year through the Office of Global Programs.
  • Students attending summer, winter, or school-sponsored programs such as Liberal Studies Freshmen Year Abroad or Tisch Special Programs, or exchange programs such as Stern IBEX or NYU International Exchange, are not eligible to apply.
  • Students must be a currently enrolled full-time at and in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Students must be eligible for aid from NYU and from federal and state government sources; students must be classified either as U.S. citizens or as eligible non-citizens.


  • April 9, 2013 for the fall 2013 semester


  • All award recipients are required to participate the ThisisNYU project.
  • All funding is posted as tuition credit to the recipient’s NYU student account.


  • Commuter Student Scholarship (NYU Students) – $1,000
  • Transfer Student Scholarship (NYU students) – $1,000
  • Need-based Study Abroad Grants (NYU and Visiting Students) – $1,000 – $5,000
  • Sir Harold Acton International Fellowship (NYU students) – $2,000
  • Merit-Based Grant from NYU for Visiting Students – $2,000

*Please note: If your school has an institutional relationship with NYU you may not be eligible. Check with your school’s Study Abroad or International Education Office if you are not sure if your school has an institutional relationship with NYU.

For more details please see the Costs & Financial Aid section of our website.

Additional Funding

In addition to the scholarships posted on this page, it is highly recommended that you review additional funding opportunities posted on http://www.studyabroadfunding.org/


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