What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Ebills coming in July

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The NYU Bursar will send bills via email in July. Please check your NYU email account for your NYU Madrid bill. The NYU Bursar’s payment deadline for fall 2013 is August 7th.

If you have received a scholarship from our office, or if financial aid money from your school is going to transfer to NYU and/or your school pays on your behalf, it is ok if these anticipated payments arrive after the bill becomes due. Only the portion of the bill that you are personally responsible for paying directly to NYU must arrive by the due date (note that scholarship awards will post after the due date.)

For Costs, please see here. Remember, your Shanghai housing charge will be a “placeholder.” Once the actual housing placement has been made, the E-bill is adjusted, resulting in either a credit or an additional charge. The final charge will appear on your E-bill within 2-3 weeks following the start of the program

Note: you can make your parents an “authorized user” of your e-bill account, if payments are typically made by them. For instruction on how to set this up, please see here. Questions about the e-billing process? Check out the FAQ on the Bursar’s website at http://www.nyu.edu/bursar/ebill/faq.html.


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