What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Submit Flight Details by June 15

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If you have YET to book your flight, we recommend using NYU’s preferred partner, Egencia, to buy your ticket. Your flight details will automatically be transferred into NYU Traveler at the time of booking, so you will not have to register the flight again. Please see the following egencia instructions for info on how to book your flight through Egencia.

If you have ALREADY booked your flight and you did NOT use Egencia follow the below instructions to submit your flight details via NYU Traveler:

1     Go to www.nyu.edu/nyutraveler

2     Click on Register

3     Click on New

4     Follow the prompts to enter your travel information. On the Itinerary information page, select “Business” Travel. You will just want to “Add Air Leg” (you can ignore car, hotel and rail legs.) If you have questions about filling out this form, please refer to this step-by-step guide.

Some key dates to remember:

  • Orientation is Mandatory! All students must arrive by August 26th!
  • Please note that housing is ONLY available during the dates of the program, August 26 – December 19.

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