What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Pre-departure Orientation Recap

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For those of you who could not attend because you are not in NYC or were excused for class, we missed you, but don’t despair. While there is no way we can replicate the orientation, you can view the presentation here:

NYU Shanghai Fall 2013 PDO

To be put in touch with an NYU Shanghai alum, email global.ambassadors@nyu.edu.

Some key points to remember from the orientation:

  • Orientation in Shanghai is mandatory! All students must arrive by August 26
  • Check out the info in the presentation on Housing options! You’ll receive access to the Study Away Portal on May 15, where you will fill out your housing preferences, and get your assignment about 2 weeks before you arrive in August. Please note that housing is ONLY available during the dates of the program, August 26 – December 19!
  • Bring all the prescription drugs you will need for your entire stay. Make sure you talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for any medication you take regularly for the full 4 months you will be away. Do NOT ship medication overseas.

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