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Immigration Timeline

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The visa process can be a little confusing and somewhat intimidating, but the Office of Global Services will help you navigate this process. You need to start thinking about your visa and the paperwork needed now! The following is a good time frame.  Keep in mind your exact dates may vary based on your travel plans, but this should generally keep you on track.

Do these things NOW:

■      Make sure you have a valid passport.  If you need to get one, or yours will expire before the end of June 2014 (fall semester students) or November 2014 (for academic year students), you must apply NOW for a renewal. At this time, you must request two week expedited service to ensure you have enough time to get your visa.

■      For US Citizens, see http://travel.state.gov/passport for more information. Contact ogs.outbound@nyu.edu for a letter needed to request same day passport service.

■      You should have also received a Passport Inquiry Form by email from the Office of Global Services (once OGS receives notification of your enrollment from the Office of Global Programs). It is imperative that you complete this form as soon as possible. All students should complete this form by Thursday, April 12th, unless you do not currently have a valid passport. If you did not receive a Passport Inquiry Form, please email ogs.outbound@nyu.edu.



■      Gather the necessary documents for your visa application.  You can get a jump start on learning what documents are generally required you and may obtain a general overview of the visa application process by logging into GlobalChek Plus please review the NYU OGS GlobalChek Plus Beginner’s Tutorial before attempting to log onto this important immigration tool.

■      Please note: Chinese Consulates are jurisdictional, and students should apply to the consulate having jurisdiction over his or her residence. Documentation and procedural requirements may vary from consulate to consulate. Please find a list of Chinese consulates at the following link:


■     Pick up your JW202 Admission Acceptance Form and Admissions Letter/Notice.  OGS will coordinate with NYU Shanghai to obtain your JW202 based, in part, on information that you provided in the Passport Inquiry Form mentioned above.  Once OGS receives these documents form NYU Shanghai you will be notified that they are ready for pick-up.

■     Go to the Chinese consular website having jurisdiction over your residence (see link above) and fill out application form V2011A and the Supplementary Visa Application form V2011B.  Pay special attention to the following:

○     These forms should be downloaded from the specific Consulate where you need to apply for your Student Visa.

○     These forms must be typed, not hand-written.

○     You cannot mail your application to the Chinese Consulate, it must be delivered in person, however you can designate someone to present it for you.  See GlobalChek Plus for more details.



■      Submit your application to the Chinese Consulate. Visas must be issued no sooner than 3 months prior to your arrival. If you apply before May 26th your visa will be invalid by the time you depart for Shanghai.


Still confused? Please feel free to contact OGS with any questions at ogs.outbound@nyu.edu.


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