What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Housing Renewability (NYU Students only)


Students who have been admitted to a NYU study away program for the Fall 2013 semester and have confirmed their acceptance with the Office of Global Programs do not need to apply via the Undergraduate Reapplication and Room Selection process. They will automatically maintain their renewable status and will be notified to apply for Spring 2014 NYU-NY housing in November.

Students who are unsure of their study away status but wish to maintain their NYU-NY renewable housing status should complete Phase 1 by submitting an online application and paying the $1000 reservation payment by March 25, 2013.

If a student is admitted and confirmed into a Fall 2013 study away program after completing Phase 1, they may submit the Fall 2013 Housing Cancellation & Study Away Notification form (NYUHome login will be required). This form will authorize us to update our records to reflect your study away status. Once you have notified us of your status, your record will be adjusted and if applicable, the $1000 payment will be credited to your Bursar account.

For more information please see the Housing Services website.

Later in the semester you will have access to the  Study Away Housing application which will allow you to submit your Shanghai housing preferences, search eligible roommates, view their lifestyle profiles, message one another, and request roommates.  For more information about housing options at NYU Shanghai click here.


2 thoughts on “Housing Renewability (NYU Students only)

  1. How long exactly is the commute from the off campus apartments to ECNU’s campus? Do students usually walk, ride the subway, bus, or take a taxi??

    • It’s about a 25 minute walk to campus and a 15 minute commute on the bus (most commonly used method). On weekday mornings there is a shuttle provided by NYU Shanghai to bring students to campus from the apartments for first period language classes. During the afternoon students make there own arrangements to return home (again, bus is most common) based on their class schedules.

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