What's Next Shanghai Fall 2013

Just for Visiting Students

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Did you know that up to 30% of the students who study abroad with NYU are enrolled at another institution, a diversity that adds to our programs and to the overall student experience?  Though you won’t be alone as a non-NYU student, we understand that you may be nervous about making friends, integrating yourself into the community, transferring financial aid, and registering for classes.  While these concerns are natural, you shouldn’t worry. The NYU Global Programs staff is here to help you both before you depart and upon your arrival.  To begin, we wanted to break down some of the most common visiting student concerns and clear up some misconceptions.

  • Making friends & Integrating into the NYU Community: Often times, visiting students fear that all of the NYU students will already know each other and that they’ll have a hard time integrating into the community. While this concern is understandable, you should know that it’s rarely a problem. Many of the NYU students who study abroad go independently and look to meet new people as well.  In fact, most NYU students who go report feeling comfortable abroad because of the small, intimate communities there.  We’re confident that you’ll make friends and find your niche within your NYU program.  We’ve created the NYU Shanghai Fall 2013 Facebook group specifically for students to “meet” each other before the start of the semester.  This is particularly helpful for students that are not in the NYC area who may not be able to attend pre-departure events.  So make sure you join and don’t be shy!
  • Finding your way: NYU Global Programs is here to help you prepare for your semester abroad in any way we can.  Please feel free to rely on our website and our staff at any point throughout this process.  We’re here for you.  Additionally, if you’d like to speak with a student who has studied abroad with your NYU program, please feel free to email us at global.ambassadors@nyu.edu.
  • We think of you as NYU students: or at least for the semester / year you are going to be studying abroad with us.  That means you will be responsible for reading our emails, following our deadlines, and checking your NYU email address regularly! Once we get further into the pre-departure process all communications from other offices like the registrar, bursar and NYU Shanghai staff will be going directly to your NYU email account.  You will be responsible for these even if you don’t consider the NYU email address your primary account.
  • There is funding opportunities available specifically for you: If you are a visiting student spending a semester or year at an NYU Global Academic Center you should be aware of the following funding opportunities.  For full details go to Financial Aid & Scholarships

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